Cosmetic Tattooing By Misti

Microblade Tattooing

What Is Permanent Cosmetics And How Long Does It Last?

Permanent Cosmetics is the "permanent" application of pigment into the skin. With proper care your procedure should hold it's color anywhere between 5-15 years, but need color boosts in 1-3 years. All procedures are a two step process.

What is SofTap Method?

The SofTap Hand Method is a technique used to manually apply pigment into the skin. The process is very controlled, gentle and safe.

Is Permanent Makeup For Me?

Do You:

- Have a difficult time seeing to apply your makeup?

- Have you lost hair in your eyebrows or eyelash line?

- Hate when your drawn on eyebrow, eyeliner or lipliner smears or comes off?

- Wanting to look presentable when makeup is not an option (during sports, exercise or swimming)?

Is The Procedure Painful?

SofTap is the most gentle of all tattooing methods. A topical anesthetic is used to pre-numb the treatment area, then more topical is applied throughout your procedure. Most people feel some or little discomfort.

How Is The Recovery Process?

In some cases there will be slight swelling of the skin which should subside within 24-48 hours. You will be given aftercare instructions and an aftercare kit.

Will I need Touch - Up Visits?

All procedures are a multi-session process. Your first session is a "rough draft" But additional touch-ups may be needed to achieve darker or thicker results; especially lip procedures.

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