High Pressure 4800 Alpha KBL tanning bed available at Go Figure Missoula! Experience the ultimate in tanning luxury with this state-of-the-art bed, designed to deliver unparalleled results and a premium tanning experience.

Here are some key benefits of the High Pressure 4800 Alpha KBL tanning bed:

1) Advanced High Pressure Technology: This bed utilizes cutting-edge high-pressure lamps to provide deep, long-lasting tans in a fraction of the time compared to traditional beds.
2) Customizable Tanning Experience: With adjustable settings and features, including adjustable facial tanners and body cooling, you can tailor your tanning session to suit your preferences and skin type.
3) Even Tan Distribution: The bed's advanced design ensures even distribution of UV light, resulting in a consistent, natural-looking tan from head to toe.
4) Reduced Risk of Burning: Equipped with built-in sensors and timers, the High Pressure 4800 Alpha KBL bed helps minimize the risk of overexposure, allowing for safer tanning sessions.
5) Comfort and Relaxation: Relax in comfort during your tanning session with features such as ergonomic body contouring and climate control, providing a soothing and enjoyable experience.

Experience the difference with the High Pressure 4800 Alpha KBL tanning bed at Go Figure Missoula. Achieve your desired tan quickly, safely, and with unmatched results. Visit us today to elevate your tanning experience to the next level! Summer Special: $9 on Mondays